This week I implemented complete webcam support in kcall. Both video input and output are working :D Screenshot:

Screenshot of kcall in an audio/video session

Screenshot of kcall in an audio/video session

On the left side you can see the incoming video from the remote end, which in this case is my laptop, capturing myself through its webcam, and on the right side you can see the video that is being sent to the other end. Here, because I don’t have a webcam on my desktop computer as well, I am using gstreamer’s “videotestsrc” element as a video input, just for testing. Also, on the bottom right you can see the video controls for the video input (which is shown above them). For some reason, the video coming from my laptop has wrong colors there (my shirt is actually blue!), but that seems to be a bug in empathy (which is used as the remote client there). The preview in empathy also shows wrong colors, so… ;)

Currently audio/video calls are working only with empathy or kcall on the remote side, using the jabber protocol. I also tried to test it with google’s web client (through windows/ie/gmail), but it doesn’t work. This is probably some bug in one of the underlying subsystems (in telepathy-gabble perhaps), but I don’t really care about it at the moment. There are still bugs, though. Sometimes I experience weird deadlocks in gstreamer threads and also sometimes the video stream is not sent correctly and the other side doesn’t receive anything. Some other times it works fine, though, which makes it really difficult to debug… I’m trying to debug those today, but with this extreme heat here in Crete, it is really difficult to work (today temperature reaches 41°C !!!).

Ok, I think I’ll give up for today and go to the beach… :D

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