Hello planet!

Hello planet KDE!

This is my first post on planet kde, so I’ll first introduce myself. My name is George Kiagiadakis (gkiagia on irc) and I am a 20-year-old student from Greece. I was born and live in Iraklio, on the island of Crete and I study computer science at the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete. Some of you may already know me as I have been involved in KDE for a few months now. I first started my involvement from the KDE Bugsquad, doing bug triaging, and then I started fixing some bugs as well. I got an svn account in October and I first fixed some issues with kwrited (a daemon that sits in the background and listens for messages sent with write(1) or wall(1) on the same computer). During the period of the KDE 4.2 pre-releases, I also joined the Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers to help them with packaging, which I still do. Later, I started helping Darío Andrés with the development of a new version of drkonqi, the KDE crash handler, which will probably appear in KDE 4.3.

Being a student, I have now entered GSoC. At first I wasn’t sure if I should apply at all, and I probably wouldn’t have done it if it was not grundleborg to encourage and help me (many thanks for that, George). To my surprise, my proposal was accepted 😀 So, this summer I will be working on reviving KCall and creating a usable VoIP client for KDE, using telepathy. You can have a look at the complete proposal here. I like this idea, because currently there is no voip software available for KDE and also there is no KDE software available to the users that makes use of the telepathy framework, so I’ll be doing something really useful. Hopefully, at the end of the GSoC period, KCall will be ready to use to make calls to your friends! Well, I don’t expect it to be perfect, but it should work… 😉

I will keep you informed of my progress through this blog (or at least, I’ll try to do so)… Stay tuned! 😉


21 thoughts on “Hello planet!

  1. You should look at Twinkle, instead of starting from zero which will not yield a viable product in the short amount of time you have.

    Twinkle uses qt and integrates nicely into KDE. Help KDEify twinkle and improve it as that´s already a mature working product. Twinkle needs to be beautified and simplifed but it is a very good product.

  2. Hey George,

    I find it really nice that your proposal actually got accepted, as it’s quite interesting. KDE really misses a decent VoIP application.

    I will try to keep track of your work, just two simple requests:

    1. blog often
    2. provide code (from the beggining!)

    OK, that’s all. You just got an avid follower 🙂

  3. Συγχαρητήρια και καλή τύχη με το project σου!

    I`m happy to see a Greek blogging in the planetkde 😉


  4. Hi!First of all my compliments for becoming a KDE developer and for Gsoc choice….I would like to know if you will add also skype support through their public API in your Voip client and if it should be too time expensive for you to write a modern Voip client from scratch.Thanks a lot and good work!

    p.s.I have also some suggestions for Dr Konqui:why don’t you create a semiautomatic mode for sending bugs through drkonqui???I think that many people does not send bugs reports because of registering or because they are inexperts or lazy….So if I could send bugs through a multiple choice menu (listing all KDE application for example) it would be great

    1. Hi! I didn’t really make this clear on the blog, but I will not implement *any* protocols on my client. The client will use the telepathy framework, which will allow me to use over dbus some applications called “connection managers”, which implement the protocols internally. So, I will only implement the KDE interface for them.

      About skype, currently, there is no connection manager for skype, and there will probably never be one because skype is not an open protocol. However, skype (the company) could make a closed source connection manager for skype, compliant with the telepathy spec, but that is obviously not my job to do.

      About drkonqi, the new version that will be in KDE 4.3 allows automatic reporting of the crash reports, depending on their usefulness for the developers. It should be very simple to do even for the most inexpert users.

  5. Hi Gkiagia,

    great seeing you to take a lead for KDE Voip. I’m using Twinkle as client (on KDE 4.2) whcih works but is of course not so nicely integrated as it’s still KDE 3.
    If I can be of any help in the process, let me know. But I’m “only” advanced user and not hacker.
    For sure I’ll be following your posts on the planet.

    Good luck!

  6. We’re all looking forward to using such a promising but up-until-now missing feature. Good luck from a fellow greek KDE user from Athens!


  7. Kopete is currently undergoing a migration to Telepathy if I’m correct. Why not integrate VoIP-functionality in Kopete instead of reviving KCall as a separate application? The GNOME instant messaging application, Empathy, does exactly that, it integrates instant messaging and VoIP.

    1. Well yes, there is telepathy plugin for kopete in progress, but in my opinion, this is never going to work. Kopete currently is in a semi-dead state and the only way to fix it is to change its design and rewrite big parts of the code, so that it is oriented only to telepathy. (Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion)

      Besides that, making one application that does everything is in contrast with the general design of telepathy. Telepathy was made to be able to split various parts of a messaging client, so that it is possible to decrease complexity and allow reusability. Note that with telepathy, you will be able to have 3-4 different applications operating on the same connection and protocol and each application will be providing a different functionality. For example, you could have an IM client that is connected on jabber with an account X, providing text communication and KCall next to it, connected on jabber as well with the same account (using the same connection internally) providing audio/video and a separate application that will log your conversations on the same connection, etc…

  8. I’ve just read on skype blog that they are developing the new QT version and that will be fully integrated with KDE :).Do you will integrate your Voip client with Akonadi too???:)

    1. Various parts of telepathy will be integrated with akonadi (like text message logging, for example, which is another accepted gsoc project for this summer…), but this is not part of my work now. But I will keep the addressbook integration that is already available in the existing KCall, which means that you will be able to get the phone numbers of your contacts from KAddressBook (i.e. the addressbook that is stored in akonadi) and call them using SIP.

  9. I really do wish you the best of luck in working on this project. I had looked into this specific project before, and would have taken it on myself if I had more working knowledge of programming.

    Who knows – maybe I’ll have something to contribute before the summer’s over 🙂

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