Hello world!

Hello everyone!
I’m attempting to start a new blog again, this time on a more permanent website, wordpress.com, which seems really good in its services.

In the past I used to have a wordpress blog on freehostia.com, which is pretty good as well, but I had abandoned it pretty much because first I didn’t have anything to say and second I wasn’t willing to maintain my wordpress installation, as their ftp was slow, there was no ssh access, and various annoyances like that… Later I moved that blog on devreactor.com, which was a vps service that me and a friend of mine had bought, however the vps host soon shut down our virtual machine because they had some strange problem with the credit card (although we never actually learned what was their problem) and I lost my blog again.

So, now I have chosen wordpress.com as it is a service that will probably stay longer than the other two. It is free, fast, reliable and I don’t have to maintain the wordpress installation myself. The reason I started this new blog is mainly because I want to include myself in planetkde now that I am starting doing kde development 🙂


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